Experience the Joy of Cash Forecasting with Q-TREM!

CASH - Import asset

Our innovative platform combines cash visibility with frequent updates and comparisons of cash forecasts. Cash is your key indicator of your financial health.
Q-TREM will help you to gain control of your cash flow and make the most informed decisions and improve the financial health.


Q-TREM Connectivity (ETL)

Automate your upload of transactions. Self-Service wizard will guide you.

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Cash Visibility

Q-TREM Cash Visibility

Follow your liquidity including limit utilization, & non utilized credit facilities, by multiple dimensions, group wide to detail transactions.

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Q-TREM Forecasting

Run and compare multiple scenario models to recommend best fit.

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FX Reporting

Q-TREM FX Reporting

Combining cash forecasting with foreign exchange risk reporting in one go.

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Q-TREM Scenario Modeling

See immediately effect of currency modelling or any other changes made to existing forecasts.

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Q-TREM Dashboarding

The tool is Self-Service, build and visualize your own KPIs, multiple charts or drill down reports.

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Q-Trem - Connectivity

Our connectivity tool stands for simplicity. A wizard will guide you step by step through the entire upload process. Once defined, schedule and automate the entire load process. Add multiple templates for upload of data.

  • Bank statements MT 940/942, CAMT.053/052
  • Transactional data from TMS applications
  • Accounts receivables/payables, ERP transactions
  • Currency exchange rates, Loans/Deposits
  • Audit trail with transactional log
  • Immediate feedback & error resolution

Intuitive step-by-step definition and upload of any files or bank statements


Cash Visibilty customized to your needs

Cash Visibility
Q-Trem - Cash Visibility

Good Cash Visibility goes hand in hand with good liquidity- and funding management, with improved internal controls and with your risk management activities. We see improved Cash Visibility together with cash flow planning on the agenda for many organizations with questions as:

  • What are my drivers for change and show where my cash balances are held?
  • Can I review change by entity, by bank, by region, by business unit, by currency or by cash pool?
  • Can I follow external bank balances, trapped cash as well as visualization of internal receivable-, payables in cash pools?
  • Do I see available liquidity including limit utilization and non-utilized credit facilities?
  • Is this transparently presented in charts and dashboards and readily available information for management & central treasury- or local finance teams?

We will answer your cash visibility concerns – Q-TREM stands for visualization.

Q-Trem Forecasting

By eliminating time consuming manual data gathering & manipulation allows you to update forecasts as frequently as desired. Run and compare multiple forecasts to recommend best fit. Both local & global teams will focus on change, trends and deviations.

  • Combine short & long term forecast or mixed periods
  • Tailor input layouts
  • Create various forecast models
  • Define alert messaging
  • Quick graph analysis in forecast input grid
  • Forecast on your preferred level, bank, account, currency, pool, project or any other transaction type.
  • Combine with real FX exposure reporting.
  • Multi user access, local or global a true cloud solution

Consolidated forecasted group FX exposure analysis

FX Reporting
Q-Trem - FX Reporting

Our solution provides you with advanced possibilities to consolidate and breakdown group-wide currency exposures, a vital analysis you normally find in sophisticated TMS´s.

  • You decide on granularity of your planning, however from a follow up perspective your flows in original currency & on bank account level can bring unparalleled insight for your risk management.
  • True consolidated group FX exposure analysis.
  • Use our automatic pivot table for further insights & analysis.
Q-Trem - Scenario Modeling

In our solution you have no limitation in adding multiple scenarios or several versions of your forecast. On top of multiple scenarios, you can make what-if modifications directly in a report.

  • All planning rows are available for modelling
  • Select consolidated or any other level of reporting
  • Use intuitive sliders for making a change
  • Select the period from-to reflecting the change
  • Save your what-if case with commentary notes
  • See immediately effect of currency modelling or any other changes made to existing forecasts.

What if following will happen?

Scenario Modelling

Save your cases with commentary notes

Scenario Modelling

Design & build your own Dashboards and KPIs.

Q-Tre - Dashboarding

The tool is self-service in which you build your own reports, visualize it in Dashboards and make the essential information available on the fly for management or any other stakeholders of your organization on their own devices by choice, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

  • Embedded self-service tool, meaning constant online access..
  • Build your own KPIs with multiple charts or drill down reports.
  • No need to start from scratch, use our rich library of user proved cases.